Bancor and Qoin partner to deliver platform for community currencies

Bancor and Qoin have entered a partnership aimed at globally driving the growth and connectivity of community currencies. The purpose is to create vibrant local communities that last and are inter-connected with one another. Together, we aim at giving people power over money again, helping them to benefit from globalization and creating strong local communities at the same time.

Qoin has over 20 years of experience in setting-up and running community currencies around the world. Most recently Qoin has introduced SamenDoen, a self-sustaining community currency platform for Western regions that need help to counterbalance the negative effects of globalization. SamenDoen is a locally owned, purpose-driven currency offered via Qoin’s Currency As A Service (CaaS) delivery model.

Qoin powers Bixton Pound, Bristol Pound, SoNantes, SamenDoen and Makkie

Bancor provides the mechanism and platform that functions as the first network token, whose purpose is to connect the long tail of community currencies into the global currency network. Inspired by economic models proposed by Keynes during the second world war, this could lead to a more stable global economy where everybody can benefit rather than few.

“Qoin is very proud to announce this cooperation with Bancor, as it will enable a much faster roll-out of community currencies in the West as well as drive connectivity into Africa, the Americas and Asia in the short to mid term” said Roel Wolfert, Chief Operating Officer and responsible for partnerships at Qoin. “We will soon announce the first concrete currency that will be launched via the Bancor platform in 2017.”

“Bancor’s founders have been deploying solutions for community currencies since 2013. The Bancor protocol enables the creation of continuously liquid community currencies for the first time. We are delighted to partner with Qoin, as we believe their vast experience in the field will be instrumental in bringing community currencies to the crypto-economy.”

About Qoin

Qoin helps to build vibrant local communities for the long term. By introducing locally owned and locally run community currencies we help citizens, business, government and institutions to co-create and to deliver meaningful impacts in social, environmental and economic domains.

Qoin helps initiatives from idea to successful realization and operation, with a clear eye for reaching desired local impacts. For more information please check or contact Roel Wolfert: +3120–717 35 05 or +316–11887557.

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