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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and it’s a bummer that you feel this way. FWIW, Bancor sold ZERO IOUs on any exchange, and has sold ZERO BNT. The foundation’s tokens are locked for 2 years and committed to its long-term operating budget with a mandate of allowing for continued development and adoption of the Bancor protocol. Team tokens vest over 4 years. Advisers over 3. Partners over 2. We are incredibly committed to the project’s success, both practically and personally, and make every effort to align incentives to promote a sustainable and thriving ecosystem. We hope you’ll watch the product’s evolution and can always check out the roadmap here: https://trello.com/b/8SaOatUe/bancor-product-roadmap

Bancor is an on-chain liquidity protocol that enables automated, decentralized exchange on Ethereum and across blockchains.

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